PaceBuilders™ Coaching Program For Runners

PaceBuilders™ COACHING PRogramS 

Do you want to run faster, longer, and with fewer injuries? If so, our affordable coaching programs are designed with you in mind regardless of your age or experience level. In fact, we feel so strongly in our belief that every runner should have access to the best training available that we have two versions of our PaceBuilders coaching program depending on the level of support you desire and your budget.

  • Our PaceBuilders Elite 1:1 coaching program is for those who want the highest level of support and direct access to our experienced, certified coaches with the highest level of customization and support possible.
  • Our PaceBuilders VIP Program (coming soon) is for those who prefer to self-coach, but still want access to quality training plans, strength routines, instructional videos, to help support their own training but still receive additional support when needed through monthly live member group video calls and access to a private client-only Facebook group.  
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Our PaceBuilders VIP is our brand new, self-coached version of our PaceBuilder's™ ELITE program.  

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Get Access To Our Entire Training Plan Library  

Need a training plan based on your experience level?  How about your race distance? What about your availability to train?  How about a plan with built-in strength training days? If so, we got you covered!

We have detailed training plans for 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon race distances.   

Need help picking the right training plan for you?  We have guidance to help you choose the right plan to get you to the finish line.

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Get Access To Detailed Workout Instructions

No longer wonder if you are doing your workouts properly. We help you train at the right intensity and pace using our guided checklists and instructional videos.

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Get Access To Strength Routines That Will Make You Stronger, Faster And More Injury Resistant

We picked the best strength training routines  and exercises to help make you faster, reduce fatigue, reduce fat, and help reduce your chance of injury. All routines come with instructional videos to ensure you are doing each exercise properly.    

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Get Support Through Our Monthly Live Video Chats

Each month we hold live group video chat sessions where you can join us to get your questions answered or receive additional support.  Can’t make it live? No worries, we have you covered. Just submit your questions in advance and we will answer them and make the reply available to view at your leisure.

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Private Client-Only Facebook Group

You will get access to a special client-only Facebook community group.  This is where you can seek additional support from your peers, hold yourself accountable as well as get additional support from our team. 

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Access to previously-recorded training sessions covering Injury Prevention, Fueling and Nutrition, Race Strategy, and more!

We are opening up our entire library of pre-recorded training sessions.  These 30-60 minute webinar-style videos go into detail in a variety of topics relevant to your training.  They aren’t required to make you successful, but many runners like you have found them extremely helpful in providing additional guidance.


The PaceBuilder's VIP program will open on 12-1-2018 to a small, beta group of members. We are limiting the initial group to 20 members so that we can ensure we have everything in place to support this initial batch of new members and that everything is operating smoothly before opening the doors to the general public .  

For those that join the beta group, you will be getting more access to us to ensure that you are getting everything out of the program you expects AND have the opportunity to provide feedback that will potentially help us shape the direction of future resources so this is the best program for you.    The beta period could last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, before we open the doors for everyone.  


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