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We help you crush your running goals

How do we do it? Because PaceBuilders™ is more than a training plan. It is a comprehensive training system!

Hi, My name is Steve Carmichael and I am a RRCA/USATF certified running and fitness coach, founder of PaceBuilders™ and host of the RunBuzz podcast.

I get it, you're busy. You just want to enjoy running, train for that next race, work off a little stress and avoid running injuries along the way. You don't want complicated, time consuming fitness routines. But I bet you DO want results. Who doesn't, right?

But with an estimated 70% of runners getting injured every year and even more failing to consistently meet their running goals, running can alternate back and forth between being fun and being a frustrating hot mess. 

But it doesn't have to be.  

Online Run Coaching

Coached athletes, Emily, Erin, Kelly and Nikki take on the Cap City Half Marathon in Columbus, Ohio - 2015  

Introducing PaceBuilders™

PaceBuilders™ is designed from the ground up to help busy adult recreational runners
like YOU elevate and accelerate your running goals regardless of your skill level. 

We do this by using scientific and experienced based training principles inside our training plans and then combining them with running-specific strength training. Then we layer in easy to follow guidance in areas such as nutrition, injury prevention, pace strategy, healthy habits and mindset. The goal is to surround you with positive success factors  and tools that will not only benefit your health and fitness, but will have you feeling confident and excited about crushing your running goals. You still have to do the work, but we make it easy by giving you the tools you need without having to scour the Internet.

How is this different from purchasing or downloading a training plan, or using an app?

Our plans are interactive. We deliver our program using industry leading online/mobile training software, video guidance, live group video, and through our private community where you can interact with our other members. Plus you have access to all the tools you will need to train for any race or distance. While training plans and apps are nice, they are just part of the equation when it comes to running success.

I'm a beginner. Can I benefit from PaceBuilders?

Absolutely! PaceBuilders™ is ideal for any runner or walker who is starting out as well as experienced runners who have been running for years. We have skill appropriate plans like run/walk all the way up to advanced plans. We even have our GetFitFor5k level up plan for people who struggle with running, or who are returning to running after years of inactivity. This is the plan I perfected after training hundreds of local runners for their first 5k and realizing that many runners give up running because the first few months can suck. With our level up plan, running does not have to suck while you get back into shape.

Top Training Plans For Runners

Access Our Comprehensive
Training Plan Library

For our VIP members, we have a comprehensive training plan library where we help you select the right plan for your skill level and race distance. Our current plans include distances from the 5k to the marathon, however we are adding additional race distances soon or based on request.

Our ELITE 1:1 coaching members work directly with our coaching team and get a highly personalized program that can be completely customized to your unique, personal situation including unlimited changes and modifications. We constantly evaluate your progress and make modifications so you always know your plan is where it should be.  Our ELITE 1:1 clients also interact with a primary running coach for instant accountability, yet gets unlimited assistance from our entire team.

Final Surge App

Track Your Workouts Using Industry Leading Training Software Final Surge

One you find your perfect plan, simply download a printable copy or have your plan loaded into Final Surge so you can view your training calendar, view detailed workout instructions and have it available 24x7 online or via the Final Surge mobile app. All your training information will be at the tip of your fingers anytime you need it.

You can also track your workout data directly using the Final Surge mobile app, or sync your GPS-enabled running or fitness watch data to your account using Garmin Connect or other partner API.

You even have the ability to log your workout, make comments and analyze your data to see your splits, pace, and other data.

Strength Training for runners

Use Our Tools To Help You Run Better

Inside our newly designed members area, you can get immediate access to instructional videos, strength routines and our growing video exercise library.  All content has been vetted by certified running coaches and our NASM certified fitness trainer / strength specialist who helps us design our strength programs to be geared specifically towards runners.

No more random exercises. Our exercises have purpose. By  following our suggested strength routines, you are more likely to prevent injury, run faster and reduce fatigue. PLUS, our training plans are designed to work well with our strength routines. 

We also have a growing library of how-to videos include guidance on nutrition, fueling, hydration, cross training, mindset, race strategy, pacing, rest and recovery, tapering, improving flexibility, mobility and more!

Live Video Run Chat Coaching

Get The Support You Need

  Get enhanced support from our private client-only Facebook group as well as get your questions directly answered by our coached in our monthly LIVE video Q&A calls.  During these calls, you can ask your questions LIVE, or you can submit your questions in advance. All LIVE Q&A calls are recorded just in case you can't attend due to time zones or other time conflicts so you can go back and revisit past Q&A sessions later.

If you sign up for our PaceBuilders™ELITE program, you will also have direct email access with our coaches so you can get fast answers to your training questions and as often as you need.

With our PaceBuilders™ ELITE option, your coaches become your accountability partner regardless of where you live in the world. We have even been known to jump on a call occasionally. 


  • Our PaceBuilders VIP Program is perfect for you if you want a more affordable training option, but you still want access to all the tools and resources we have including quality training plans, strength routines, instructional videos, exercise library, checklists, etc. Training support comes through our monthly live member group video calls and through access to our client-only Facebook group. 
  • Our PaceBuilders Elite 1:1 coaching program is perfect for you if you want everything we mentioned above PLUS the highest level of support possible including direct access to our entire team of experienced, certified running and strength coaches. This gets you the highest level of training customization and support possible.