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over training symptoms

Are You Over-Training?

As a psychology instructor, I lecture on the concept of burnout in relation to work. I can actually draw upon personal experiences with the phenomenon, as I worked for years at a job I initially loved, but grew to loathe. I would get the “Sunday night blues” thinking about work the next day, my stress […]

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injury prevention tips for runners

Ten Injury Prevention Tips for Runners

As a relatively new runner, I vividly remember making nearly every mistake in the book. I went from my first 5K to my first marathon in one year and, despite reading everything running-related I could get my hands on, I still foolishly believed I could power through injuries. Now, as I’m training for my third […]

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How to ice small running injury

Running Quick Tip: An Easy Way To Apply Ice Small Area Running Injuries

When you need to apply ice to small, focused areas, like an achilles tendon or your knee, here’s a quick tip to help maintain direct contact between your skin and the injured area. One problem with ice packs is that, while these are OK for icing broad areas, they’re not ideal for directing ice to […]

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medi-dyne calf stretch

Running Stretches: Medi-Dyne ProStretch Calf Stretch

Calf stretches are great for loosening calf muscles, as part of an overall flexibility program for runners. When combined with the seated calf stretch with a towel, you can really improve the flexibility of your calf muscles and reduce calf tightness. The ProStretch is in my personal arsenal of running tools, and after a severe […]

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seated calf stretches with towel

Running Stretches: Seated Calf Stretches With Towel

Seated calf stretches with a towel are great for loosening calf muscles, as part of a overall flexibility program for runners. When I suffered from plantar fasciitis,  seated calf stretches were a critical part of my rehabilitation routine. To this day, I continue to do them to prevent running injuries.  If you struggle from calf […]

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