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The Beginner's Guide To Running Hill Repeats

The Beginner’s Guide To Running Hill Repeats

Hill repeats are a curse for many runners all around the world, but what if we told you that running up hills – repeatedly – could make you a faster and stronger runner? It may sound daunting now, but with a little bit of guidance from everyone here at Runbuzz, we can get you on […]

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25 lower body balance exercises for runners

25 Lower Body Balance Exercises For Runners

  If you have followed the RunBuzz podcast for any length of time, you have probably heard me talk about the importance of balance and strength exercises for runners. A strong muscle is an injury resistant and fatigue resistant muscle. In today’s post, I wanted to share a video I found on YouTube that includes some […]

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tempo runs training

Improve Performance at Any Distance With Tempo Runs

Tempo runs are a valuable part of any training program.  While some types of training runs are more beneficial for longer or shorter races, tempo runs can help you improve performance at any distance, whether it be a 5K race or an ultra-marathon.   What Is A Tempo Run? Essentially, a tempo run is a faster-paced […]

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using progression running and getting past running plateaus

Push Past Running Plateaus With Progression Runs

  Properly training for a race is key to your running success. Not only does appropriate training ensure that you’re able to run the entire race distance, but it also helps you avoid injury. The amount of work put into the weeks and months leading up to a race is critical for achieving your desired […]

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getting over a bad run

Getting Over a Bad Run

Have you ever had a run that just felt terrible? Legs like bricks, lungs on fire? Yeah, me too. It sucks.   Of course, in my opinion, there’s really no such thing as a bad run. Sure, some runs feel better than others, but just the fact that you got out there and made the effort […]

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