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Lisa Bevan - PaceBuilders Athlete and Community Member

RB93: Lisa Bevan – Her Amazing Fitness Journey From 210lbs To Half Fanatic PLUS The Benefits Of Virtual Races

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, I introduce you to my special guest, Lisa Bevan. Lisa is a personal friend, PaceBuilders coaching client, and the newest member of the RunBuzz team. Lisa joins us as our Facebook community manager. Lisa and I discuss her amazing weight loss and fitness transformation journey, her strength training, […]

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how to add strength training to a running program

RB92: How To Add Strength Training Without Wrecking Your Legs And Your Running

  Strength training is an incredible tool to help you become a stronger, faster, and injury resistant runner. But when not done properly, strength training can also wreck your legs and impact your running workouts or races. In this episode we take you inside our thoughts on the matter and share our tips to help […]

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How to get rid of post run soreness

RB91: How To Minimize Or Get Rid Of Post Run Soreness

If you get sore after your runs, then this episode is for you. We discuss how to minimize post run soreness using a variety of techniques. We look into things like stretching, nutritional supplements, ice baths, foam rolling, massage and more. All this and more coming up on today’s show. How To Minimize Post Run […]

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How To Get Back To Running After Time Off

RB90: How To Get Back To Running After Time Off (Plus, What Happens When I Miss Runs)

If you have ever had to take time off from running, getting back into the running groove again can be hard. Sometimes really hard. In this episode, Coach Stephanie and I share some of our own personal experiences coming back from running hiatuses. We share our best tips on how to get back to running […]

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How To Overcome Prerace Jitters And Anxiety

RB89: How To Overcome PreRace Jitters And Anxiety

  Race Day anxiety, for many of us, is something that we come across from time to time as runners. Especially if it your first race,  or maybe a new race distance. Pre-race anxiety is real and many runners struggle with it.  If you have ever found yourself stressed before a race and wondering,  “Have I […]

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