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How To Get Back To Running After Time Off

RB90: How To Get Back To Running After Time Off (Plus, What Happens When I Miss Runs)

If you have ever had to take time off from running, getting back into the running groove again can be hard. Sometimes really hard. In this episode, Coach Stephanie and I share some of our own personal experiences coming back from running hiatuses. We share our best tips on how to get back to running […]

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How To Overcome Prerace Jitters And Anxiety

RB89: How To Overcome PreRace Jitters And Anxiety

  Race Day anxiety, for many of us, is something that we come across from time to time as runners. Especially if it your first race,  or maybe a new race distance. Pre-race anxiety is real and many runners struggle with it.  If you have ever found yourself stressed before a race and wondering,  “Have I […]

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running cadence and stride rate

RB88: Running Cadence And Stride Rate Explained

  In this episode we explore running cadence and how it impacts your running. Specifically, we will look at what is running cadence and dig into why you should care. We will share some tips on how to calculate your running cadence and how to increase it if needed. Plus we share some popular running […]

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How To Simplify Your Approach To Healthy Living

RB87: How To Radically Simplify Your Approach To Healthy Living With Jaclyn Ricchio

Do you want to eat better, run better, live better and not be bogged down by restrictive diets or hardcore ways of eating? If so, join me today as I welcome Jaclyn Ricchio to the show.Jaclyn is a running coach, healthy lifestyle coach, blogger and host of the “Actually, You Are A Real Runner” podcast.In […]

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Finding Time To Run

RB86: Too Busy To Run? Our Top Tips To Overcome A Busy Lifestyle And Find Time To Run

We all have the same amount of time each week – 168 hours.    Yet, for many of us, we struggle to find time to run, eat properly, find time for self care, whatever it is.  We are busy with work, raising families, kids activities, or hanging out with friends.  In other words, we have things […]

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