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RB3: Lisa Hamilton: Overcoming Injury Through Strength, Mobility, and Runner’s Mindset

Show Notes: In today’s podcast, I chat with Lisa Hamilton of The Conscious Runner about her experiences with running and overcoming injury. Lisa has an incredible story of how she grew up as a competitive swimmer, became a collegiate cross country athlete, and went on to become a 2:43 marathoner. Like many runners, Lisa suffered […]

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RB2: How To Establish Strong, Healthy Habits And Improve Your Running

  Show Notes: In this episode, I share how you can establish strong, healthy habits that will improve your running and help you get your workouts in. Habits can make or break your progress as a runner.  If you have great habits, you’ll most likely see great progress. Today, I share the process behind how […]

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RunBuzz Radio with Steve Carmichael

RB1: Introduction To RunBuzz Radio: Let’s Do Running Together

Show Notes: In this episode of RunBuzz, I introduce you to the podcast, the community, and to myself, Steve Carmichael, a recreation runner, running coach, running club director, and founder of  Together, we’ll explore what makes this podcast different from podcasts I have done in the past and why, after two years, I decided to […]

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How to aid tight muscles and trigger points

Help! I Struggle With IT Band, Tight Muscles and Trigger Points

Photo: Courtesy of I put this post together in response to the high number of questions I was getting on tight muscles, trigger points, and IT band issues. While not an exhaustive source by any means, this post should help get you started on treating and avoiding injuries.   What Are Trigger Points? Trigger points […]

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What is running economy?

What is Running Economy?

Simply put, running economy is how efficiently a person uses oxygen while running at a particular pace. The more efficient a runner’s ability to use oxygen, the better the running efficiency.   Don’t confuse running economy or running efficiency with form, technique, or gait. This is about your body’s ability to perform, from a physiological standpoint, […]

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