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RunBuzz Radio with Steve Carmichael

RB1: Introduction To RunBuzz Radio: Let’s Do Running Together

Show Notes: In this episode of RunBuzz, I introduce you to the podcast, the community, and to myself, Steve Carmichael, a recreation runner, running coach, running club director, and founder of  Together, we’ll explore what makes this podcast different from podcasts I have done in the past and why, after two years, I decided to […]

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How to aid tight muscles and trigger points

Help! I Struggle With IT Band, Tight Muscles and Trigger Points

Photo: Courtesy of I put this post together in response to the high number of questions I was getting on tight muscles, trigger points, and IT band issues. While not an exhaustive source by any means, this post should help get you started on treating and avoiding injuries.   What Are Trigger Points? Trigger points […]

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What is running economy?

What is Running Economy?

Simply put, running economy is how efficiently a person uses oxygen while running at a particular pace. The more efficient a runner’s ability to use oxygen, the better the running efficiency.   Don’t confuse running economy or running efficiency with form, technique, or gait. This is about your body’s ability to perform, from a physiological standpoint, […]

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How to ice small running injury

Running Quick Tip: An Easy Way To Apply Ice Small Area Running Injuries

Photo: Courtesy of When you need to apply ice to small, focused areas, like an achilles tendon or your knee, here’s a quick tip to help maintain direct contact between your skin and the injured area. One problem with ice packs is that, while these are OK for icing broad areas, they’re not ideal […]

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medi-dyne calf stretch

Running Stretches: Medi-Dyne ProStretch Calf Stretch

Calf stretches are great for loosening calf muscles, as part of an overall flexibility program for runners. When combined with the seated calf stretch with a towel, you can really improve the flexibility of your calf muscles and reduce calf tightness. The ProStretch is in my personal arsenal of running tools, and after a severe […]

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