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Normatec recovery system review

NormaTec Boots – A Deep Dive Into NormaTec’s Leg Recovery System

NormaTec Boots – A Deep Dive Into NormaTec’s Leg Recovery SystemAir compression therapy seems to be all the talk lately among runners when it comes to reducing post-workout soreness and recovering faster. But do NormaTec’s compression boots really work? In this article, I look closely at NormaTec boots, specifically the Pulse 2.0 Leg Recovery System (Amazon […]

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Best Books On Running

Our 25 Best Books On Running, Nutrition, Cross Training and Mindset

Our 25 Best Books On Running, Nutrition, Cross Training and MindsetAny simple Google search will come up with hundreds of suggestions on what are the books to read about running. We’ve picked out some of the highest reviewed books (and personal favorites) you can read about different aspects of running from training and nutrition to […]

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how to avoid heat illness while running

13 Tips For Avoiding Heat Exhaustion While Running

Last month after finishing the 1/2 Way to Christmas Half Marathon in Dayton, Ohio, I passed out and was taken by ambulance to the ER for very serious dehydration. This was my 28th Half Marathon. I am an experienced runner, certified running coach, and had run this particular race twice before. This year I ran […]

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The Beginner's Guide To Running Hill Repeats

The Beginner’s Guide To Running Hill Repeats

Hill repeats are a curse for many runners all around the world, but what if we told you that running up hills – repeatedly – could make you a faster and stronger runner? It may sound daunting now, but with a little bit of guidance from everyone here at Runbuzz, we can get you on […]

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Darris Blackford Columbus Marathon - RunBuzz Running Podcast

Darris Blackford – Columbus Marathon Race Director And Runner

In this episode, I speak with Darris Blackford, the Race Director for the Nationwide Columbus Marathon and Half Marathon. Besides being the race director, Darris is an accomplished runner who has run over 200 marathons and ultra-marathons including the Badwater 135 and Burning River. In this episode, we talk running, races, pace teams, pace bands, […]

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