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Running Terminology For Runners

RB81: 63 Running Terms Every Runner Should Know

  Can you speak the language of runners? Have you ever wondered what V02 Max or Fartleks are? In this episode we walk you through the top running words and phrases that many runner’s use when talking to other runners. Having a basic understanding of running terminology will help you speak confidently to other runners, […]

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The Kinetic Chain and Running

RB80: Understanding The Kinetic Chain And Its Role In Your Running

You are only as strong as your weakest link.  In this episode we talk about the kinetic chain and it’s importance on your running when it comes to preventing or addressing injury, as well as your overall running performance. All this and more coming up on today’s show. Show Notes: The Kinetic Chain And Its Role […]

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How To Run in The Rain

RB79: How To Run In The Rain – Top Running Tips For Staying Dry And Comfortable On Your Next Run

  As a runner, learning how to run in the rain is important. You don’t always have to run outside, for example you can choose to take your run indoors to a treadmill or indoor track, but getting experience in the rain, will help you on days where it decides to run during your race. […]

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25 lower body balance exercises for runners

25 Lower Body Balance Exercises For Runners

  If you have followed the RunBuzz podcast for any length of time, you have probably heard me talk about the importance of balance and strength exercises for runners. A strong muscle is an injury resistant and fatigue resistant muscle. In today’s post, I wanted to share a video I found on YouTube that includes some […]

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How to Transition From The Treadmill To Outdoor Running

RB78: How To Transition From The Treadmill To Outdoor Running

  Ok, treadmill warriors.  The weather is breaking and now is time to take your running outside.  But before you hit the running trails,  you will want to prepare for outdoor running by transitioning from the treadmill properly. Outdoor running is NOT the same as treadmill running. In this episode, Stephanie and I break down […]

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