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Peak Performance and Mindset For Runners With Nastasya Rose

RB74: Peak Performance And Mindset With Nastasya Rose

  In this episode my guest is Nastasya Rose, Founder of ImVure, a holistic health coaching company that focuses on total body health such as mind, body and soul. Nastasya is a certified fitness trainer, board certified health coach and she is a specialist when it comes to peak performance, motivation and mindset.  She is currently…

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how to run a faster 5k

RB73: 10 Tips For Improving Your 5k Race Times

In this episode, I share 10 running tips to help you get a faster 5k race time.  I recently had a listener submit a question about training to get a faster 5k race time.  I responded by email, but then decided that it would make a great topic because it is a question I get frequently. If…

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Running and Weight Loss

RB72: How To Make Running An Effective Part Of A Weight Loss Program

This episode is an audio replay of an online clinic I hosted on Running and Weight Loss. In this session, I share: Does running sabotage weight loss or can running be an effective component of a weight loss program? We’ll explore what the science says and compare that to popular beliefs we often hear in online…

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Top Running Safety Tips For Runners

7 Top Running Safety Tips For Runners

Last week, 2 runners were hit by cars while out on their morning runs. Although these stories are not common, two major incidents on the same day is cause to bring attention to the importance of runner safety, especially when out running on our local roadways. Both of these athletes had years of experience and knowledge of the…

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Running Plateaus and Running Slumps

RB71: Getting Past Running Plateaus, Burnout And Performance Slumps With Coach Jason Fitzgerald

In this episode, we talk to Coach Jason Fitzgerald about running plateaus, performance plateaus, running slumps, and what to do when we stall with our running. We also talk about the differences between burnout and performance plateaus. Jason hosts the Strength Running Podcast and runs the Strength Running website.  Jason provides a ton of running…

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