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couples and running

Running as a Couple

Earlier this year, I started dating my soon-to-be husband.   I had completed my first two marathons in the last year, so I thought of myself as a pretty “serious” runner (as in I was completely obsessed with it). My significant other had also run regularly for the past few years and, when we began […]

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vacation ideas for runners

10 Unique Racecation Ideas

One of the coolest things about being a runner is using your passion as an excuse to take vacations all over the world. Before I got into running, a few of my friends signed up to do their first marathon together – in Jamaica. I already view marathon day (or half marathon day) as the […]

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running costume ideas

Costume Ideas for Runners

Cool weather, carbing up with hot chocolate, and signing up for a Halloween 5K all mean it’s my favorite time of year! Despite running for years now, I’ve yet to run a race in costume. I have many friends who have, but I’ve never had the time to put together a costume that would be […]

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Supplements for Runners

Please consult with your physician before starting any new supplements! I finally felt like a “real” runner when I started to think of food as fuel for improving my running, especially instead of using long runs as an excuse to eat junk food for the entire day (although, honestly, that still happens).   It’s important […]

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over training symptoms

Are You Over-Training?

As a psychology instructor, I lecture on the concept of burnout in relation to work. I can actually draw upon personal experiences with the phenomenon, as I worked for years at a job I initially loved, but grew to loathe. I would get the “Sunday night blues” thinking about work the next day, my stress […]

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