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Shelley Leone

RB102: Overcome Life’s Challenges Through Health and Fitness With Shelley Leone

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, I sit down with Shelley Leone. Like many of us, Shelley has had to overcome some personal setbacks and struggles in her life. In this episode we look at Shelley’s fitness journey and how Shelley used running, fitness and nutrition as tools to help her get her life […]

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Paul DeVillo

RB101: RunBuzz Community Member Spotlight – Paul DeVillo

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, we speak with Paul DeVillo.  Paul is a member of our Faceboook community.  We discuss how he got started in running,  how his running journey progressed from being a walker to get back into shape to ultimately learning how to run and becoming a marathoner.  Paul shares his […]

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RunBuzz Running Podcast - 100 Episodes

RB100: The 100th Episode Celebration – The Journey So Far

In this special 100th episode of the RunBuzz podcast, I look back at my running journey and how I got into running, coaching, and launching a running podcast. I share the things I have learned over the past four years and translate my podcast and coaching experience into tips that you can incorporate into your […]

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The effects of caffeine on running performance

RB99: The Effects Of Caffeine On Your Running Performance

 In this episode of the podcast, we explore caffeine and its impact on running performance. We look at the latest research and explore the advantages and disadvantages caffeine can have on your running. For example:How does caffeine impact your performance as a runner?Should you take gels and other fuels containing caffeine?How much caffeine do you […]

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RunBuzz Running Community - Hildee Weiss

RB98: RunBuzz Community Member Spotlight With Hildee Weiss

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, I interview Hildee Weiss. Hildee is part of our RunBuzz Facebook group and our first featured member of our community in some time. We discuss: How Hildee got started running after years of inactivity. Building confidence: How Hildee’s trainer challenged her to run her first 5k, long before […]

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