What the Heck Is RunBuzz !?!

In 2014, I created the RunBuzz community with the goal to create an amazing online community for everyday runners. Runners like you and I.

RunBuzz is a play on words. The RunBuzz running podcast is where we come together to 'chat', learn, and create a buzz around running. Our running community, is where we all check in with each other, hold each other accountable and get the latest buzz on running.  As running coaches, we create client experiences that creates a buzz with family and friends when they see you crush your running and fitness goals. 

Hence RunBuzz was born.   Thanks for visiting, and I encourage you to take a look around. Don't be afraid to say Hi! 

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Meet Your Team

Running an online running community, podcast, and coaching business is a pretty lofty goal. I could not do it without the awesome support of my team. Our goal is to support each and every one of you who makes RunBuzz your home for running, nutrition, mindset, and healthy habits. Whether that is taking advantage of our free resources like the podcast, articles, videos, and the community, or by becoming a client and working directly with us to crush your running goals.  Either way, we are here for you. 

Steve CarMichael RunBuzz Coach

Steve Carmichael
Founder / Running/Fitness Coach

Stephanie Fitchelman RunBuzz Coach

Stephanie Fichtelman
Running/Fitness Coach

Lisa Bevan

Lisa Bevan
Community Manager