Running Resources

Running Resources

Here is a list of our favorite running resources that we recommend.

Yoga For Runners – Our Yoga For Runners Video Series. An easy 10-part yoga exercise program that you can do from the comfort of your own home by watching the detailed demonstrations from Jessica, a certified yoga instructor.


Marathon Fueling and Nutrition

Marathon Nutrition Blueprint – Tired of hitting the wall during the marathon? This program provides you with a step-by-step formula to calculate your exact fueling, hydration and electrolyte needs and then helps you develop an individualized race nutrition plan that tells you exactly how much, when and what products to eat and drink during the marathon to avoid the dreaded marathon bonk.

Running Gear Reviews, Guides, and Recommendations

GPS Running Watches and Comparison Guide  – Find the best running watch for your style of running.  Reviews and feature comparison charts.

Training Plans and Programs

GetFitFor5k™ – This is my free beginner 5k training program that is based purely on your level of experience not what someone thinks you should be able to do.  If you ever struggled with trying to keep up with someone else’s plan, try this one. It is based on your personal progression and is level based.  As you progress, you will advance levels.  Need another week? No problem.  Miss a week due to sickness, vacation or other life event that got in the way?  No problem. All you have to do is resume at the level you are ‘capable of’  and continue leveling up.

Organizations and Running-Related Websites

Road Runners Club of America – We are big proponents of running clubs. They help you train, give you running partners, and provide a push when needed.  Running really is a social sport.  The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) is an organization that promotes road running across the United States and provides education and certification for running coaches.  Find a certified running coach, or find a running club.

Run Tracking Apps

Garmin Connect – Garmin’s free community to share and analyze your activities.

MapMyRun – One of the most popular run tracking online communities. Free and Premium plans available.



30 days of some of my best coaching tips.

Access to private FB group / RunBuzz community.

Plus get your #1 running question personally answered.