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Listen, life often gets in the way and not everything in life is about running. That is OK. We do the best we can. BUT, our experience has shown that to stay on track, make the greatest improvements, and lead a healthy, fit lifestyle to the best of our ability, we all need accountability and support. Not everyone has the benefit of a running club or running partner and even if you do, they can’t be available 24 x 7. Our community can. But we need you.

At Run Buzz, we give high fives when you deserve it, hugs when you need it, and a kick in the butt if you ask for it!

There are a 1000 running sites who share running tips, but few that help you implement them, hold you accountable, and share in your successes with you. RunBuzz is here to do all of these things. (Oh yeah, we will also share running tips on occasion too).

I want to be highly visible and reachable and participate with you, not just spew advice and tell you whether or not you should eat low carbohydrate vs. high carbohydrate meals or wear running shoes vs. going barefoot. There are plenty of sites to argue those points with (most of it comes down to “it depends” anyway). I will still share my opinions and advice based on my coaching experience, but ultimately want to empower you to make your own decisions.

Running tips are great, but if your’re not motivated to run, the tips won’t matter.

Does this sound intriguing? Then let me prove it to you.

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