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Our runner's toolkit is unique.  It is not a download or 'freebie'. Instead it is 30 days of our best coaching tips, access to an amazing community of your peers, and an opportunity to solve one of your running challenges. And it is free. To sign up. scroll down and subscribe.

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30 Day of our best running tips:

Receive 30 days of our best running tips by email. Each day you will receive an actionable tip that you can apply to your own training program. 

  • How to find the best training plan for you
  • How to improve your breathing
  • How to integrate rest and recovery into your training schedule
  • How to find your appropriate running pace
  • How often to replace your running shoes
  • How to find out what is wrong on those running days you feel 'blah' or 'off'
  • How to find the right running club or running partners
  • How to know when or when not to run when you think you have an injury
  • When to choose minutes over distance when it comes to run duration
  • How to run relaxed
  • How to incorporate hill training for strength and speed
  • How stress and fatigue impact your motivation to run
  • How to avoid a runner's slump and get back to running
  • How to run in the rain
  • How to build patience and break through running plateaus
  • How to apply technology to your training using GPS watches
  • How to improve sleep to get better running results
  • When to avoid anti-inflammatories such as NSAIDs and what to do instead
  • How to use foam rolling to improve flexibility, range of motion and more
  • How to tell if you are ready to take on a half, full, or ultra marathon
  • How to warm up and cool down properly
  • How to supplement your running with cross training
  • How to be your own competition and avoid comparing yourself to others
  • How to solidify your workout and healthy living habits
  • How to recover faster with ice baths
  • How to see consistent progress by being patient with your workouts
  • How to recognize the early signs of injury
  • How to dress appropriately based on temperature
  • How to be a student of your running success

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