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The RunBuzz Running podcast is a running podcast for everyday runners. Runner's like you and I.  Approaching one million downloads, the podcast has been listened to in 87 countries. Hosted by RRCA/USATF certified running coach Steve Carmichael this podcast is focused on four key pillars:  Training, Nutrition, Fitness Mindset and Healthy Living Habits. 

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Episode Index

RB106: The Impact Of Age On Running (And What To Do About It)

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, we look at the impact of aging on our running performance. From what you can expect to steps you can take to push back the aging barrier. While there is no fountain of youth, we can delay the impacts of aging and keep running faster and injury free for much longer than we thing. All this and more coming up on today’s episode.

RB105: Frequently Asked Questions About The Long Run

In this episode, we talk about the long run and answer some frequently asked listener questions such as why we do not need to train up to our full race distance, why we need to run the long run at a slow and easy pace, and what happens if we run the long run too hard. We discuss the physiological changes that occur when we train and how that enables us to run faster on race day.

RB104: How Craig Taylor Lost 129lbs And Ran His First Half Marathon

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, we talk to Craig Taylor, a RunBuzz community member who lost 129 lbs when he decided to take his life back and get in shape. Craig’s inspirational story will motivate and inspire you.

RB103: Don’t Ignore The Offseason – How To Make Big Improvements On Your Next Race

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, we talk about  the offseason. This is the time of year where we wind down our races and chill a bit as we wait for the next race season to start. Where I live this is the late Fall when the weather gets cooler.  But did you know, the offseason is the best time to do the things you need to do to set up next year’s successful race season? In this episode, we look at ways you can still cut back, relax and have fun, yet make this downtime highly effective so you can improve your running.

RB102: Overcome Life’s Challenges Through Health and Fitness With Shelley Leone

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, I sit down with Shelley Leone. Like many of us, Shelley has had to overcome some personal setbacks and struggles in her life. In this episode we look at Shelley’s fitness journey and how Shelley used running, fitness and nutrition as tools to help her get her life back under control and live the life she was meant to live. Now she is encouraging others to do the same. Join me as Shelley shares tons of great advice with the RunBuzz running community.

RB101: RunBuzz Community Member Spotlight – Paul DeVillo

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, we speak with Paul DeVillo. Paul is a member of our Faceboook community. We discuss how he got started in running, how his running journey progressed from being a walker to get back into shape to ultimately learning how to run and becoming a marathoner. Paul shares his running tips and running struggles with us so that we can learn from his journey.

RB100: The 100th Episode Celebration – The Journey So Far

In this special 100th episode of the RunBuzz podcast, I look back at my running journey and how I got into running, coaching, and launching a running podcast. I share the things I have learned over the past four years and translate my podcast and coaching experience into tips that you can incorporate into your fitness journey. So it is one part celebration, and one part health and wellness tips.

RB99: The Effects Of Caffeine On Your Running Performance

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, we explore caffeine and its impact on running performance. We look at the latest research and explore the advantages and disadvantages caffeine can have on your running

RB98: RunBuzz Community Member Spotlight With Hildee Weiss

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, I interview Hildee Weiss. Hildee is part of our private RunBuzz Facebook group. We talk about her running journey, overcoming a life of inactivity, cross training, building confidence, and overcoming fear.

RB97: Running Disney Races And Travel Tips For Runners With Ashley And Ryan Garcia

It is no surprise that Disney races are popular. Each year, tens of thousands of runners run races hosted by Disney. For most runners, running a Disney race is more about the experience than the race itself. In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, I chat with Ryan and Ashley Garcia, two Disney runners who share their best tips on running Disney races as well as destination race travel tips.

RB96: The Basics Of Endurance Fueling – How To Use Gels, Wafers And Sport Beans

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, we discuss the basics of endurance fueling, specifically with gels, wafers, and sport beans. We explore why fueling is necessary for runs over 60-90 minutes, what happens if you don’t fuel, and we share our tips on how to pick the right fuel, how to use it, and how to avoid stomach distress.

RB95: Heat Training And Acclimation – How To Run In The Heat

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, we discuss running in hot weather. For example, did you know running on asphalt can increase the ground surface temperature around you by as much as 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit? We discuss why you physiologically slow down in the heat, why it is not a bad thing, and what you can do to adjust your training. We teach you how to acclimatize to your climate and how your body adjusts when it acclimates.We share a study that shows just how much you can expect to slow down based on the expected temperature ranges. We discuss the use of cooling towels and cooling sleeves and what the studies show about their effectiveness. We discuss what to wear, and what to avoid to keep you cool. We talk about warm weather destination races and how to acclimatize even if you live in an area where temperatures are more moderate

RB94: Yoga For Runners With Jen Van Hoose

In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast we discuss yoga for runners. We look at the various types of yoga, the numerous benefits of yoga and how to get started with yoga especially if you are someone like me, who despite knowing its amazing benefits, has not tried it before. To do so, we bring you our special guest, Jen Van Hoose, who is a fitness trainer and yoga instructor here in the Central Ohio area to discuss the topic in great detail. Jen joins Stephanie and I as we dig deep into this fitness activity and how it may be one of the best, if not THE best, cross training exercise for runners.

RB93: Lisa Bevan – Her Amazing Fitness Journey From 210lbs To Half Fanatic PLUS The Benefits Of Virtual Races

Lisa and I discuss her amazing weight loss and fitness transformation journey, her strength training, and how she went from 210 lbs and out of shape to running numerous half marathons, 10ks, 5ks, and even virtual races. We discuss her ups and downs and her current battle with Hemochromatosis, an iron disorder that causes excessive iron build up in her body that has forced her to stop running temporarily. We also discuss her experience with virtual races, what they are, how to find them, and the benefits she has gotten running them.

RB92: How To Add Strength Training Without Wrecking Your Legs And Your Running

Strength training is an incredible tool to help you become a stronger, faster, and injury resistant runner. But when not done properly, strength training can also wreck your legs and impact your running workouts or races. In this episode we take you inside our thoughts on the matter and share our tips to help you integrate strength training into your running program. We’ll show you why it is important, and how to add it to your program in a way it doesn’t overwhelm your body.

RB91: How To Minimize Or Get Rid Of Post Run Soreness

If you get sore after your runs, then this episode is for you. We discuss how to minimize post run soreness using a variety of techniques. We look into things like stretching, nutritional supplements, ice baths, foam rolling, massage and more.

RB90: How To Get Back To Running After Time Off (Plus, What Happens When I Miss Runs)

If you have ever had to take time off from running, getting back into the running groove again can be hard. Sometimes really hard. In this episode, Coach Stephanie and I share some of our own personal experiences coming back from running hiatuses. We share our best tips on how to get back to running after time off, PLUS we explore what happens to your body during those first 30 days you do stop running.

RB89: How To Overcome PreRace Jitters And Anxiety

Race Day anxiety, for many of us, is something that we come across from time to time as runners. Especially if it your first race, or maybe a new race distance. Pre-race anxiety is real and many runners struggle with it. If you have ever found yourself stressed before a race and wondering, “Have I trained well enough?” or feel like your stomach in tied up in knots, then this episode is one you will want to listen to. In this episode, I share some interesting research on stress and anxiety and some tips on how to handle your pre-race jitters and anxiety before a race.

RB88: Running Cadence And Stride Rate Explained

In this episode we explore running cadence and how it impacts your running.Specifically, we will look at what is running cadence and dig into why you should care. We will share some tips on how to calculate your running cadence and how to increase it if needed. Plus we share some popular running apps that will help you analyze your running form.

RB87: How To Radically Simplify Your Approach To Healthy Living With Jaclyn Ricchio

Do you want to eat better, run better, live better and not be bogged down by restrictive diets or hardcore ways of eating? If so, join me today as I welcome Jaclyn Ricchio to the show.Jaclyn is a running coach, healthy lifestyle coach, blogger and host of the “Actually, You Are A Real Runner” podcast.In today’s episode, Jaclyn and I discuss how most of us overcomplicate weight loss and our attempts at healthy eating. By simplifying how we approach food, our relationship with food, and by applying a growth mindset to any habit we are trying to achieve we CAN accomplish the goals we set out to accomplish whether that is to lose weight or run more.

RB86: Too Busy To Run? Our Top Tips To Overcome A Busy Lifestyle And Find Time To Run

We all have the same amount of time each week – 168 hours. Yet, for many of us, we struggle to find time to run, eat properly, find time for self care, whatever it is. We are busy with work, raising families, kids activities, or hanging out with friends. In other words, we have things to do. In this episode, I share why we feel tapped out when it comes to our time and what to do about it so that you can fit healthy activities like running into your busy life.

RB85: How To Stay Hydrated When You Run (And Avoid The Porta Potty)

In this episode, I share how to stay properly hydrated during your runs and races and how to calculate how much you should drink to avoid the porta potty lines. We cover how to calculate sweat and fluid loss, your absorption rate and the importance of electrolytes, specifically sodium and potassium.

RB84: How To Train For Your First 5k (And Other Tips For New Runners)

In this episode, Coach Stephanie and I share our top tips to help you prepare for your first 5k. We talk about the gear, training plans, developing a runners mindset and expectations for you and your race.

RB83: The VO2 Max Testing Experience – Coach Stephanie Gets VO2 Tested

In this episode, coach Stephanie shares her experience getting VO2 Max tested. She shares her experience, her test results and what you can expect if you get tested. We also compare the average runner’s VO2 to those of elite athletes and how other factors outside of VO2 impact a runner’s performance.

RB82: Speed Training – 7 Speed Workouts To Help You Run Faster

In this episode on speed training for runners, we cover 7 types of speed workouts that will help you run faster. We share our experience using these workouts with ourselves and our clients as well as how to integrate speed training into your training program.

RB81: 63 Running Terms Every Runner Should Know

Can you speak the language of runners? Have you ever wondered what V02 Max or Fartleks are? In this episode we walk you through the top running words and phrases that many runner’s use when talking to other runners. Having a basic understanding of running terminology will help you speak confidently to other runners, as well as open your vocabulary up to additional terms and phrases that you may come across in blog posts, podcasts, videos, or books. Oh, and we may have sneaked in a few running tips along the way.

RB80: Understanding The Kinetic Chain And Its Role In Your Running

You are only as strong as your weakest link. In this episode we talk about the kinetic chain and it’s importance on your running when it comes to preventing or addressing injury, as well as your overall running performance.

RB79: How To Run In The Rain – Top Running Tips For Staying Dry And Comfortable On Your Next Run

As a runner, learning how to run in the rain is important. You don’t always have to run outside, for example you can choose to take your run indoors to a treadmill or indoor track, but getting experience in the rain, will help you on days where it decides to run during your race. In fact, getting used to rainy runs under various conditions (cold, wind, heat) can be very useful on race day. In this episode, you will learn how to deal with rainy running conditions directly and several tips on how to run in the rain comfortably.

RB78: How To Transition From The Treadmill To Outdoor Running

Outdoor running is NOT the same as treadmill running. In this episode, Stephanie and I break down the differences between treadmill running and running outdoors and show you how to transition from treadmill running to outdoor running safely.

RB77: How To Run Better By Avoiding Group-Think And The Herd Mentality

In this episode I talk about the social behavior called the Herd Mentality and how it is one of the most common traps I see when it comes to impeding your progress and performance as a runner. In fact, this trap is so easy to fall into, most of us don’t even know we falling into it. And, this behavior is so strong, even if we are aware of it, many of us will do it anyways.

This form of self justification and desire to achieve what we want is a common pitfall that ultimately leads to setbacks, poor progress and I can guarantee in almost all cases, if you keep falling into this trap, injury.

RB76: Winning The Battle Within Our Mind – Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Your mind is a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to running , or any part of your life really, it can either make you or break you. Believing in one thing can prevent you from reaching your full potential, while believing in another can push you toward becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be. It’s all a matter of perspective. In this episode, we will talk about the two different types of mindsets that can make a world of difference in our running and our life.

RB75: Adding Stretching And Flexibility Exercises To Your Running Routine

In this episode, I dig into the topic of Flexibility and Mobility. Do we do it, don’t do it, what should we be doing? I have covered this topic before in bits and pieces over the years and I have mentioned before that prior to a run, we should focus more on warm up exercises, or dynamic warm ups and stretches that get our blood flowing and muscles warmed up. But that does not mean that static stretching and other type of flexibility exercises do not have their place in our day to day routine. They do. Flexibility and Mobility plays a huge part into our overall fitness and wellness. We explore why in this episode and how to add flexibility and stretching exercises to your running routine.

RB74: Peak Performance And Mindset With Nastasya Rose

In this episode my guest is Nastasya Rose, Founder of ImVure, a holistic health coaching company that focuses on total body health such as mind, body and soul. Nastasya is a certified fitness trainer, board certified health coach and she is a specialist when it comes to peak performance, motivation and mindset. She is currently getting her PhD in Performance Psychology. Nastasia and I unpack the concept of peak performance and how we can build a self improvement mindset that will not only lead us towards our own personal peak performance with our running, but help us get better at consistency, avoiding complacency, achieve a performance mindset and get rid of fear and negative self talk. All things that transcend running and can help you in your day to day life.

RB73: 10 Tips For Improving Your 5k Race Times

In this episode, I share 10 running tips to help you get a faster 5k race time. If you are training for a 5k (or even a 10k), these running tips will help you improve your race times and possibly even lead to a new PR.

RB72: How To Make Running An Effective Part Of A Weight Loss Program

In this episode, I cover the topic of running and weight loss. In this session (an audio replay of an online clinic I did on the topic), I discuss the myths and truth behind running and weight loss, why we get hungry and over eat and steps you can take to use running as a ‘tool’ in your weight loss journey.

RB71: Getting Past Running Plateaus, Burnout And Performance Slumps With Coach Jason Fitzgerald

In this episode, we talk to Coach Jason Fitzgerald about running plateaus, performance plateaus, running slumps, and what to do when we stall with our running. We also talk about the differences between burnout and performance plateaus. Jason hosts the Strength Running Podcast and runs the Strength Running website. Jason provides a ton of running tips to help break through any running slumps to get you back on track with your progress.

RB70: How To Return To Running After An Injury – Brigham And Women’s Return To Running Program

In this episode, Stephanie and I walk through the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Return To Running Program. This program will help you return safely to running after an injury. We also share our thoughts and how to apply the program to your situation.

RB69: Jonathan Hika – Surviving Sudden Cardiac Arrest While Running At Disneyland

In this episode, I speak with Jonathan Hika, who survived a cardiac arrest shortly after crossing the finish line of the Disney Superheroes 10k in Anaheim California back in November 2016. Due to a quick response from medical professionals, Jonathan’s heart was restarted after nearly 5 minutes in full cardiac arrest.

We discuss Jonathan’s story, the lifesaving efforts, his recovery, and his reunion with the medical professionals who helped save his life. We also discuss the risks and research around sudden cardiac events such as this one so we can understand, what is the real risk behind running and these highly publicized events. Certainly the risk is real, but how does that risk compare to other potentially life ending events like accidents and illness.

RB68: Gavin Boyter – Downhill From Here: Running From John O’Groats To Land’s End

In today’s episode, I speak with Gavin Boyter, who recently ran approximately 1172 miles across the UK from John O’Groats to Land’s End. Gavin was an ordinary runner who sought out an extraordinary adventure to see what he was capable of. After being laid off from his job, Gavin used the opportunity of time and severance funds to complete the scenic cross country trip. We walk through Gavin’s backstory, his preparation, his support team, and his journey.

RB67: A Funny Look At Running Stereotypes – Whacky April Fool’s Day Edition!

In today’s episode, we have a special treat for you. Since today is April Fool’s Day, we figured we would prank you with a Saturday Night Live-like news episode specifically targeting some common running stereotypes. This ‘not so serious’ look inside the lives of runners will have you laughing out loud. Think of news you might find on ‘The Onion’. We are not responsible for any injury that may occur if you listen to this episode while drinking coffee.

RB66: Tips For Maintaining Your Running Motivation Mojo

In today’s episode, I am joined by Stephanie Fichtelman, and together we share practical tips to keep (or boost) your motivation when it comes to running. Since motivation is not something that is infinite, as runners we have to look for creative ways to stay consistent when our motivation fizzles. Stephanie and I dig into some tips that have worked for us in the past in this episode of the RunBuzz podcast.

RB65: Kelvin Reid – Running With ALS

I am joined by guest Kelvin Reid, a RunBuzz community member and ultrarunner, known as the Ultra Cowboy. Kelvin has completed five 100 miles races in the last two years. In June 2016, while running the Mohican 100 race in Ohio, Kelvin fell and hit his head hard. After that his fingers and right hand started to lose strength and he started to lose muscle mass in his right arm. Next, he started to slur his speech and had problems swallowing. After four different doctors and multiple tests Kelvin was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Despite the disease, Kelvin’s attitude and persistence in fighting ALS is nothing short of inspiring. Kelvin continues to run daily while he seeks treatment to prolong, or even save his life. He also shares several running tips he learned as a runner.

RB64: Todd Macausland – Taking On Running As A Visually Impaired Runner

I am joined by guest Todd Macausland, a RunBuzz community member, who is a visually impaired runner from Canada. Todd has a condition known as retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease that has no cure, but can lead to blindness. But that does not stop him from being a runner. Todd has run lots of races including multiple marathons and this April he will be running the Boston marathon. Todd and I discuss his background in running, some of his favorite running tips, along with the challenges of being a visually impaired runner. We also talk about problems that are encountered when you go out on a race too fast and what to do if you start to fall apart early.

RB63: Cold Weather Running Tips

In today’s episode, I am joined by guest co-host, Stephanie Fichtelman, and together we share our best cold weather running tips for training safely in cold weather. We talk about the best ways to acclimate to cold temperatures, the best gear for cold weather training, safety, and some general tips on how to make running in cold weather more tolerable.

RB62: Completing A Runner’s Scorecard And Self Evaluation Checklist

In today’s episode, I walk you through a self assessment process, or a runner’s scorecard that you can use to grade yourself in key areas related to training, lifestyle and mindset. The goal is to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses so that you can apply improvements that can maximize your health and fitness goals.

RB61: Annie Powell – Climbing Out Of Depression And Bipolar Disorder Through Running

Today’s guest is Annie Powell. After experiencing postpartum depression after her second pregnancy and struggling with bipolar type II and general anxiety disorder, Annie turned her passion of running and fitness into a tool to help her get her life back on track. Annie does not hide her struggles with mental health, in fact she uses it to help others by sharing her experiences with others through her blog, Own It Daily.
In this episode, Annie shares her personal struggles, her comeback, and her mission to help others who may be struggling with mental illness empower themselves and find the help that they need. Annie not only shares her powerful message with us today, but we talk about how life challenges and running are interrelated and she shares her tips on how to get through tough runs, whether you are tired, lost your motivation or your mind just wants to give up on you.

RB60: Martinus Evans – 300 Pounds And Running

On the podcast today is running coach and fellow runner, Martinus Evans. Martinus began running in 2012 after a doctor told him he needed to lose weight. Martinus weighed approximately 360 pounds at the time and was seeking medical help after numerous attempts to deal with hip pain were unsuccessful. But when Martinus saw this particular doctor, he wasn’t presented with sympathy or even kindness. He was presented with a doctor that called him fat and then told Martinus he needed to start walking.
Martinus replied with “Screw walking. I’ll run a marathon.” And so began a journey that Martinus to completing the Detroit marathon, starting his 300 pounds and running blog, and becoming a certified running coach so he could help others in similar situations. Be sure to tune in to hear Martinus’s inspirational story of success, yet one that continues to challenge him each and every day.

RB59: Diana Fitts – Better Running Goals For Your Body, Mind and Lifestyle

In this episode, I speak with runner and author, Diana Fitts about running goals. Diana shares her running story with us and we discuss her new book, Better Running Goals: The Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Goals for Your Body, Mind, and Lifestyle. During our interview we discuss topics like how to create running goals and running programs that are sustainable based on our lifestyle. We also discuss how to set running goals that support you, not someone else’s vision of what they think your running should be. Diana also share tips for integrating running into your busy lifestyle and some tips on how to balance your work, life, family and running into one integrated and productive lifestyle.

RB58: 10 Tips Every Runner Should Know About Running In The Heat

In this episode, I share 10 tips that every runner should know when it comes to running in the heat. I’ll share why running in the heat is difficult and what you can do to minimize the impact that warm temperatures has on your training. I’ll also cover early warning signs of heat illness like heat stroke and exhaustion. Plus, at the end of the show, you’ll hear from Scott Jenkins, one half of the Jenko brothers, to get a post run report of their trip across Iceland to raise money for cancer research.

RB57: Dana Ayers – Confessions Of An Unlikely Runner

In this episode I speak with author and runner, Dana Ayers. Her book, Confessions Of An Unlikely Runner: A Guide to Racing and Obstacle Courses for the Averagely Fit and Halfway Dedicated is an encouraging and often hilarious journey of running for those of us who are mid or back of the pack runners, who do not fit the stereotypical runner profile. This episode is packed full of funny stories and running tips that go beyond the normal running tips you often read about.
Dana shares her crazy running adventures that started while working as an intern and staffer at the White House, to wardrobe malfunctions, to starting a viral movement one the Internet involving floss sticks.

RB56: Michelle Wolfer – 16 Time Marathoner and Coach Battles Breast Cancer

In this episode, I speak with Michelle Wolfer. Michelle is a 16 time marathoner, high school track coach, middle schools cross country coach. She shares her running and coaching journey as well as her battle with Stage 3, triple negative breast cancer.

RB55: Tyler Aldrich – Running Across Ohio For Autism

In this episode, my special guest is Tyler Aldrich. Tyler is a 21 year old college student from Fremont, Ohio who developed a passion for running in high school and then decided to use his passion as a way to make the world a better place. At just 21 years old, Tyler will be running across Ohio this summer to raise money for the Make it Fit Foundation. He will be running 200-250 miles. This episode is inspirational and Tyler shows us how, as runners, we can take our passion and not only change our own lives, but others too.

RB54: Scott Jenkins – The Jenko Brothers: Extreme Endurance Challenges For Charity

On today’s show my special guest is Scott Jenkins, one half of the Jenko brothers duo, an incredibly talented pair of endurance athletes who take on amazing personal challenges in order to raise money for charities.

RB53: Nate Dumonseau – Running Tips From RunBuzz Community Members #6

Welcome to part six of our running series focusing on you, the people of the RunBuzz running community. This special six part series will be released daily. Each episode focuses on one specific runner, their running journey and the tips that they wanted to share with you.

In today’s episode, my special guest is, Nate Dumonseau. Nate resides in Duluth, Minnesota. Listen in as he shares his story and some of his favorite running tips.

RB52: Andy Cloud – Running Tips From RunBuzz Community Members #5

Welcome to part five of our running series focusing on you, the people of the RunBuzz running community. This special six part series will be released daily. Each episode focuses on one specific runner, their running journey and the tips that they wanted to share with you.

In today’s episode, my special guest is, Andy Cloud. Andy resides in Carthage Missouri. Listen in as he shares his story and some of his favorite running tips.

RB51: Stefanie Gignac – Running Tips From RunBuzz Community Members #4

Welcome to part four of our running series focusing on you, the people of the RunBuzz running community. This special six part series will be released daily. Each episode focuses on one specific runner, their running journey and the tips that they wanted to share with you.

In today’s episode, my special guest is, Stefanie Gignac. Stefanie resides in the town of Banff in Alberta Canada Listen in as she shares her story and some of her favorite running tips. You can’t help but to feel her passion, despite being a resistant runner at first.

RB50: Lynn Leiby – Running Tips From RunBuzz Community Members #3

Welcome to part three of our running series focusing on you, the people of the RunBuzz running community. This special six part series will be released daily. Each episode focuses on one specific runner, their running journey and the tips that they wanted to share with you.

In today’s episode, my special guest is, Lynn Leiby. Lynn resides in the United States in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Listen in as he shares his story and some of his favorite running tips.

RB49: Lee Mey – Running Tips From RunBuzz Community Members #2

Welcome to part two of our running series focusing on you, the people of the RunBuzz running community. This special six part series will be released daily. Each episode focuses on one specific runner, their running journey and the tips that they wanted to share with you.

In today’s episode, my special guest is, Lee Mey. Lee resides in Denver Colorado in the midst of the Rocky Mountains. Listen in as Lee shares his story and some of his favorite running tips.

RB48: Gudrun Jenny Jonsdottir – Running Tips From RunBuzz Community Members #1

In today’s episode we kick off a new series focusing on you, the people of the RunBuzz running community. This special six part series will be released daily starting with this episode. Each episode will focus on one specific runner, their running journey, and the tips that they wanted to share with you.

In today’s episode, my special guest is, Gudrun Jenny Jonsdottir. She lives in Iceland and has been a member of the RunBuzz community for quite some time. Listen in as she shares her story and some of her favorite running tips.

RB47: What It Takes To Create Healthy Habits That Stick

In today’s episode we wrap up part five of our mental training and mindset series for runners series with a discussion on habits and habit formation. There are good habits and bad habits and we are all a product of the choices we make. John Dryden, an English poet born in 1631 said, “First we make our habits and then our habits make us“. This quote stands true to this day.

RB46: How To Overcome Fear, Anxiety And Worry With Your Running

In today’s episode we continue our mental training and mindset series for runners with a discussion on conquering our fears, worries and insecurities. It could be fear of pain, fear of racing, fear of injury, fear of trying new race distances or goals, fear of failure, race anxiety, general anxiousness, and so on.

RB45: How To Build Mental Toughness

In today’s episode we continue our mindset and mental training for runners series with a discussion on how to build mental toughness as runners. I’ll show you how you can develop grit and perseverance so you can have the mindset of a champion.

RB44: Boost Your Willpower And Become A More Consistent Runner

In today’s episode we are going to continue our series on the mental training and mindset side of running by exploring the topic of willpower and our bodies natural tendency to sometimes resist the very things that are in our best interest. Whether it be going for a run, eating healthier or doing whatever it is you want to do, we’ll dig into why controlling your willpower can be a struggle. Then I will dig into the tactical steps you can take to increasing your willpower to become a better runner, to eat better, or just generally improve your life overall by putting these tips into action.

RB43: An Introduction To Mental Training And Mindset For Runners – Part I

Today I start a new series on Mindset and Mental Training For Runners. This is a very broad and complex area, but it is so important not only in running, but what we learn together can impact us in other areas of our lives. We’ll break it down so it is easy to implement and still dig deep into training the mind so that the body can excel.

RB42: Dean Karnazes – Running Is An Adventure

In this episode, I speak with running idol Dean Karnazes, the Ultra Marathon Man. We talk about running for fun, running for adventure, and how to be a runner that enjoys life and longevity with running.

RB41: Post Race Recovery Tips For Runners

In this episode, I continue our 3 part series on race week preparation, race day strategies and post race recovery. Today, we wrap up with Part Three: Post Race Recovery Tips For Runners. We’ll look at what you should do immediately after your race and in the days to come to get you fully recovered and ready to go.

RB40: Race Day Strategies For Runners

In this episode, I continue our 3 part series on race week preparation, race day strategies and post race recovery. Today, we continue with Part Two: Race Day Strategies. We’ll look at what you should do on race day and during the race to get you set up for success.

RB39: Race Week Preparation Tips For Runners

In this episode, I kick off a 3 part series on race week preparation, race day strategies and post race recovery. Today, we start with Part one: Race Week Preparation. We’ll look at what you should be doing during race week to get you ready to run your race and get you up for success.

RB38: Ryan Walsh – Can Your Mind Control Pain And Help You Heal?

My guest is Ryan Walsh. After graduating from Princeton University, Ryan became an analyst at a world-renowned hedge fund company and then a software engineer at high-tech web companies. In 2011, Ryan had a major soccer injury that led to a very painful and difficult recovery. He became crippled by knee pain, back pain, wrist pain,headaches and more.

His doctors prescribed various remedies but nothing seemed to work. He eventually discovered research by Dr. John Sarno, which taught him how to cure pain using only his mind. Being highly skeptical, Ryan set out to investigate how the mind could change how the body could heal and feel. Not only did his symptoms go away, he started becoming more productive and focused.

Through studying the mind/body interaction, Ryan became an expert and today helps clients learn to think differently in order to change how their bodies work (and feel) physically. Using lessons learned from positive psychology, neuroscience, motivation, and personal development, Ryan found ways to use what he studied and researched to help people become pain free and more productive.

RB37: Bart Yasso – Never Limit Where Running Can Take You

Bart Yasso’s accomplished running career has taken him all over the world. You and I may know him as the Chief Running Officer at Runner’s World, or the man behind the Yasso 800’s, an incredible workout and predictor of marathon times. But his story goes way beyond that. In this episode, Bart and I chat about his accomplishments, but also where running has been and where we think running is headed. We talk about running as an inclusive sport, but also one that can surprise you. His powerful message of “Never Limit Where Running Can Take You” is both inspirational and true.

RB36: The Running Lifestyle and Ultramarathons With Coach Kristie Cranford

My guest today is Kristie Cranford, co-founder of In this episode Kristie and I discuss factors that impact your running lifestyle and Kristie’s story of becoming a runner, and how she developed a love for the ultramarathon.

RB35: Rebecca Adamson – Understanding The Triathlon and Time Management Tips For Runners

My guest today is Rebecca Adamson, co-founder of Rebecca is a runner and triathlete as well as a three time Boston marathoner, three time Ironman finisher. In this episode, Rebecca introduces us to the world of triathlons, including popular triathlon distances, some of the training terminology you need to know and she shares some important tips that will help runners and triathletes alike if you struggle with time management.

RB34: Beating Plantar Fasciitis (And Other Soft Tissue Injuries)

Plantar Fasciitis is a runner’s curse. It is also a running injury that I have been battling for over a year now. In this episode, I walk you through my journey from point of injury to rehab. Along the way, I will share what I have learned about this annoying running injury, and share how you can prevent this dreaded injury or other overuse injury you may encounter.

RB33: Live Well By Changing The Way You Think And Feel With Stacey Lobdell

What you think about health and wellness can have a profound impact to how you feel and perform. Today, I welcome Stacey Lobdell, my very own health and wellness coach. Stacey and I discuss how you can improve your running, your mindset and your life by making small changes in your routine when it comes to diet, exercise, stress and sleep. We’ll dig into what is working for me and how you can apply these changes to your own life.

RB32: Are You Ready To Run A Half Or Full Marathon?

For those of you who have been through a full or half marathon training season, chances are you know what to expect. But for many of you, who haven’t, you may have questions about what you can expect going through a training season and this episode should help you plan all that out. Even if you aren’t planning on running a half or full now, I think you’ll find this episode insightful so you can learn and get some visibility into what it takes to train for a half or full marathon so should you decide to do it in the future, you’ll know when you will be ready and the best way to proceed.

RB31: PJ Dixon – Perseverance vs. Persistence: The Art of Never Giving Up!

In today’s episode I welcome a personal friend of mine, P.J. Dixon who will challenge your thought process and help you build a powerful mindset when it comes to perseverance, persistence, and not giving up.

RB30: Dacia Root – 130lb Weight Loss Success Story and Vegan Runner

In today’s episode, I welcome Dacia Root, who has an amazing weight loss success story and underwent an incredible lifestyle transformation. Dacia is a health and fitness blogger at My Roots To Grow and hopes to inspire others by writing about health, fitness and lifestyle topics.

RB29: Heart Rate Training – Setting Up Your Training Zones – (Part 4 of 4)

In the last episode of our four part series on heart rate training, I walk you through the steps necessary to set up your heart rate training zones

RB28: Heart Rate Training – Calculating Your Maximum Heart Rate and Lactate Threshold – (Part 3 of 4)

In part three of our four part series on heart rate training, I walk you through everything you need to know to estimate your max heart rate and lactate threshold so you can calculate your heart rate training zones.

RB27: Heart Rate Training – Key Principles and Terminology – (Part 2 of 4)

In part two of our four part series on heart rate training, I dig into key terminology and training principles that all runners should know. This material will help your running even if you have no intention of using a heart rate monitor.

RB26: An Introduction To Heart Rate Training (Part 1 of 4)

In this episode I kick off a 4 part podcasting series on heart rate training. I introduce the topic and describe why you may want to consider heart rate training as a training tool to improve your running. I also briefly describe its disadvantages.

RB25: Inspirational Running With Erin: How True Transformation And Change Comes From Within

Inspiring interview with runner Erin Bahadur who struggled with addiction but overcame it through running, asking for help and support, blogging and healthy living.

RB24: Runners, Did You Accomplish Everything You Set Out To Accomplish?

In this episode I look back at 2014 and walk you through the exercise of reflection. Why reflection? Because I think looking backwards at your running accomplishments as well as your failures will make you a better runner in the year to come.

RB23: Running Fearlessly With Coach Natalie Johnston

In this episode I am joined by running coach and certified fitness trainer, Natalie Johnston. We talk about the joys and struggles of running and Natalie shares some of her best running tips. Natalie is a former Division I and II collegiate cross country and track athlete who fell in love with running.

RB22: Take Your Run Indoors: Treadmill Training Tips

In this episode, I explore the advantages and disadvantages of treadmill running as well as share some tips and workout ideas that you can use to help improve your running.

RB21: The Impact Of Foot Strike, Running Form And Footwear On Your Running With Dr. Rami Hashish

This episode I have an amazing guest who is an expert on foot strike and footwear and its impacts on your running. We talk about foot strike, running form, the impact that form, heel drop and foot strike has on running injuries and how running form often changes when running on a treadmill. We also cover the controversial topic of barefoot running and the mismatch theory of running.

RB20: An Interview With Denny Krahe of Diz Runs”

I chat with Denny Krahe, from and the Diz Runs podcast. Denny is a great guy and this interview is jam packed full of stories and running tips.

RB19: High Intensity Interval Training -HIIT And No Sugar No Grains
With Geoff Alaishuski

In this episode Geoff Alaishuski and I talk about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and No Sugar No Grains diet and its application to running. We also share running tips to help make you a better runner.

RB18: Running While Pregnant, Holistic Health, And Running Tips With Coach Laura Peifer

In this episode we discuss running while pregnant, holistic health, and running tips with Coach Laura Peifer. She also shares how to beat sugar cravings and avoiding weight gain in runners.

RB17: How To Stay Motivated, Heat Training
and How Many Days Per Week Should You Run?

In this episode I answer listener questions on how to get started running, how to stick to a running program, how to stay motivated to run in the heat and how many days per week should you run.

RB16: 100 Marathons In 100 Days
An Interview With Daren Wendell

In this episode, I speak with Daren Wendell who is running 100 marathons in 100 days to raise money and awareness to provide clean drinking water to children and families in Africa and Asia. We cover how he prepares and how he is organizing this amazing feat!

RB15: Should I Consider Hiring A Running Coach? When Does Coaching Make Sense?

In this episode, I share my opinions and thoughts on whether or not you need a running coach. While I am a coach myself and believe everyone can benefit from having a coach, I hope to put aside my own biases and provide an objective view on what a relationship with a running coach can bring to the table. I’ll share what a great coach can do (and not do) for you, some things that they offer and what types of coaching is available from custom training plans to one on one coaching.

RB14: Losing The Habit? How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Running Funk

Do you sometimes find yourself in a funk? Do you struggle with the deep down desire to train, but maybe just feel “bleh”, or feel like skipping workouts? Even worse, maybe you have found yourself in a cycle where you start running only to just walk away from it for weeks or months at a time before getting started again. In this episode I share some practical steps to help any runners in a funk dig themselves out, and some tried and true strategies for avoiding running funk in the future.

RB13:Not Your Average Runner – An Interview With Jill Angie

In today’s episode, I chat with Jill Angie from Jill is a personal trainer, coach, runner, triathlete, blogger and author, who wants to live in a world where everyone is free to feel fit and fabulous at any size. She writes about the joys and challenges of being a curvy runner, and shares her experiences, knowledge, and expertise to help her readers embrace their inner athlete.

RB12: Letting Go – How To Recover From A Bad Race Or Run

Having a bad race or run is frustrating. In this episode I help you diagnose why the bad run may have happened, share common reasons why races or runs do not go as expected, and give you tips to help you move on so that you can learn from the experience.

RB11: From 283 lbs To Marathon Runner: An Interview With Eric Hunley

I chat with Eric Hunley from about how he went from 283 lb to a 3:27 marathoner. We talk about weight loss, struggling with injuries, getting started in running and how it turned into a true passion. He shares tons of useful tips that will surely improve your running and weight loss goals.

RB10: Stick With It! Tips For Maintaining Your Running Program

Maintaining a running program can be difficult. In this episode I share several tips on how you can stay engaged and on track with your running program so you won’t “fall off the wagon” with your training. I’ll show you how to have the proper mindset and how to stay motivated.

RB9: 5 Things 91-year-old Marathoner, Harriette Thompson Can Teach Us About Running

I share the story of 91-year-old marathoner, Harriette Thompson who ran the San Diego marathon this past weekend. I share several things that, as runners, we can learn from her accomplishment.

RB8: How To Battle Fear And Feeling Self Conscious When You Run

I share how to battle self doubt and build confidence when you run.

RB7: How To Improve Your Running Through Rest And Recovery

Everything you need to know about rest and recovery and how to integrate it properly into your training regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced runner.

RB6: An Interview With Blayne Smith – Team Red, White and Blue

I chat Blayne Smith, a West Point graduate,  US Army veteran and executive director at Team Red White and Blue–a national organization committed to helping veterans and local communities connect and help each other through physical fitness activities such as running, Crossfit, Yoga, etc. We also cover running mindset, overcoming adversity, and the eagle ethos.

RB5: An Interview With Coach Jeff Gaudette – Running Tips Galore!

I chat with Coach Jeff Gaudette of Runner’s Connect.  We talk about his experience as a collegiate and professional runner and his transition into coaching. Jeff shares some great running tips around Strength Training, easy vs. hard pacing, and more!

RB4: 10 Running Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started

I share the top things that I would share with a younger version of myself based on what I know now.  These top running tips are things that I wish I would have started earlier or things that have led me to achieve the greatest gains in my running.

RB3: Lisa Hamilton: Overcoming Injury Through Strength, Mobility and Runner’s Mindset

I chat with Lisa Hamilton of the Conscious Runner podcast. She has an incredible story of how she grew up as a competitive swimmer who traveled internationally, became a collegiate cross country athlete at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania and went on to become a 2:43 marathoner. Like many, Lisa suffered from early injuries until she learned to work on strength training, cross training and mobility.  Lisa shares how her approach to running has changed since her college days and what she learned along the way that has helped her reduce and almost eliminate injuries.

RB2: How To Establish Strong, Healthy Habits And Improve Your Running

I share how you can establish strong, healthy habits which will improve your running and help you get your workouts in.  Habits can make or break your progress as a runner.  If you have great habits you will most likely see great progress.  If you have bad habits, you might be inclined to think lack of progress is training related when it isn’t.  Today I share the process behind how habits are established and practical tips to help you make running (or any other habit for that matter) as routine as brushing your teeth.

RB1: Introduction To RunBuzz Radio: Let’s Do Running Together

I introduce you to the podcast, the community, and to myself, Steve Carmichael, a recreational runner, running coach, running club director and founder of  Together we’ll explore what makes this podcast different from podcasts I have done in the past and why, after two years, I decided to switch directions and build a new brand, new podcast, and new community geared towards living a healthier lifestyle through running.