Join Our Team

Join Our Team

RunBuzz is a community of runners of all experience levels.  Our community is being built from the ground up in a grassroots method to truly make it a real, community of runners who are passionate about helping each other stay motivated and accountable.  Whether it be 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, ultra, or just for fun, we want to create a team of people who want to build something great.

That is why we need YOU!

  • We need running coaches and other health and fitness professionals (personal trainers, sports nutritionists, physical therapists, physicians, etc. who are willing to provide guest posting articles.  Upon acceptance of the article, we will provide a small author bio at the bottom of each post that you can use to link back to your website and social media properties like Facebook and Twitter.  These are unpaid positions, but we will help you build exposure as a writer/blogger by exposing you to our audience.


  • We need gear manufacturer representatives who can give special discounts and services to our members.  We want to honestly review your products and help you promote your brand!


  • We need people willing to tweet our stuff and share it through your social media profiles. Help us reach new people through social media!


Contact us if you have any questions or would like to help!  Thank you SO much!