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Jonathan Hika - Sudden Cardiac Arrest At Disneyland Super Heroes 10k Interview

RB69: Jonathan Hika – Surviving Sudden Cardiac Arrest While Running At Disneyland

  In this episode, I speak with Jonathan Hika, who survived a cardiac arrest shortly after crossing the finish line of the Disney Superheroes 10k in Anaheim California back in November 2016. Due to a quick response from medical professionals, Jonathan’s heart was restarted after nearly 5 minutes in full cardiac arrest. We discuss Jonathan’s […]

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Gavin Boyter - Downhill from here - Running from John O'Groats to Land's End

RB68: Gavin Boyter – Downhill From Here: Running From John O’Groats To Land’s End

In today’s episode, I speak with Gavin Boyter, who recently ran approximately 1172 miles across the UK from John O’Groats to Land’s End.  Gavin was an ordinary runner who sought out an extraordinary adventure to see what he was capable of.  After being laid off from his job, Gavin used the opportunity of time and […]

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Running stereotypes running humor

RB67: A Funny Look At Running Stereotypes – Whacky April Fool’s Day Edition!

In today’s episode, we have a special treat for you.  Since today is April Fool’s Day, we figured we would prank you with a Saturday Night Live-like news episode specifically targeting some common running stereotypes. This ‘not so serious’ look inside the lives of runners will have you laughing out loud.  Think of news you […]

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Tips For Increasing Motivation To Run

RB66: Tips For Maintaining Your Running Motivation Mojo

In today’s episode, I am joined by Stephanie Fichtelman, and together we share practical tips to keep (or boost) your motivation when it comes to running.  Since motivation is not something that is infinite, as runners we have to look for creative ways to stay consistent when our motivation fizzles.  Stephanie and I dig into some […]

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Kelvin Reid Ultra Runner Running With ALS

RB65: Kelvin Reid – Running With ALS

In today’s episode, I am joined by guest Kelvin Reid, a RunBuzz community member and ultrarunner, known as the Ultra Cowboy. Kelvin has completed five 100 miles races in the last two years. In June 2016, while running the Mohican 100 race in Ohio, Kelvin fell and hit his head hard. After that his fingers and right hand started to […]

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